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Elena Baixauli Gallego

University of Valencia, Spain


Title: Mediation, mobbing and happiness
Elena Baixauli Gallego
University of Valencia, Spain
Abstract: Any dispute arising within organizations, for personal reasons, interpersonal or derived from the structure and culture of the organization itself, are the source of great human and economic losses, which may even lead to the closure of many companies. This study aimed to design a training program in conflict resolution and mediation business. The purpose of the program was to evaluate the relationship between the training received by managers and managers of organizations in conflict resolution skills and business mediation, and decreased bullying and role conflict. The design used for the realization of the research was a pretest-intervention-posttest with a control group. The sample included 143 subjects, 92 experimental and 51 control. To measure change two instruments were applied before and after training. The program consisted of two intervention sessions of five hours. The parametric test results suggested a positive impact of the intervention, reducing ambiguity, role conflict and mobbing in business, becoming a tool mediation in mobbing prevention, to consider in the design of protocols for prevention of mobbing.
Audience Take Away: Management Health, Woman´s Health, Mental and behavior Health
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  • Managers and employers. Is this research that other faculty could use to expand their research or teaching? Yes, it is. Does this provide a practical solution to a problem that could simplify or make a designer’s job more efficient? Yes, of course. Will it improve the accuracy of a design, or provide new information to assist in a design problem? Yes, it´s a preventive program. List all other benefits, decreased the cost of conflicts.


Elena Baixauli Gallego has dedicated twenty years to staff development as a Psychologist in the field of health and as a mediator. She is currently working as an Associate Professor, Faculty of Psychology in the department of Personality at University of Valencia. She is involved in various activities such as therapy for children and adults, family and business mediation and delivery of lectures and workshops. She is the author of “Business conflict: A guide to provide solutions” and “Bussiness mediation: preventive of mobbing” She is a Member of the International Forum of Mediators, the World International Mediation, a Member of the Delegation of the World Forum of Mediation in the City of Valencia, Member of Entrepreneurs from the University of Valencia and the University of Salamanca. She is also a international speaker and author of several books and publications on mediation. Director of radio´s program: Mediation with Elena in ClickradioTV Madrid Spain.

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