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Carrinna A. Hansen

University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Title: Being a nurse researcher, the role in developing an evidence-based nursing culture – barriers and benefits
Carrinna A. Hansen PhD
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Abstract: The presentation comprises the author’s own experiences of being a nurse researcher and experiences of being responsible for the development of a clinical evidence-based nursing culture. Addressing the questions as:
What is a research culture?
How is a research culture important in an evidence-based context?
What is the connection between research culture, patient safety and the quality of nursing?
Results from an evaluation of the existing research culture will be included; comprising an investigation of 152 nurses self-reported daily usage of research-based knowledge; as well as two focus group interviews with the nursing-leaders: charge nurses and head nurse. Focus group interviews are a constructed context allowing an exchange of attitudes, perceptions, and experiences according to the topic research and evidence-based culture.
Audience Take Away: Perspectives, considerations and what you can bring with you home from here considering steps in the direction of succeeding when developing and implementing a research and evidence-based nursing culture: 
  • Top priority and the crucial foundation of any steps in the direction of developing a research culture – Leadership, to have the nurse managers "on board" or suffer a shipwreck - sinking the “boat”
  • Cultural development is an ongoing process – a never-ending story
  • Research and evidence-based nursing depending somewhat on the context of the medical and physicians research culture - pros and cons - what to copy and what to avoid?


Currently, Postdoc, Ph.D., nurse research manager at Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, The Neuroscience Centre, Department of Neuroanesthesiology, and External Assoc Prof. at the University of Copenhagen. PhD 2014, from The Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark. Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2017, from the Department of Education, University of Copenhagen. Since 2006, has worked as a supervisor in clinical research, development and quality assurance projects. Since 2014 as a mentor for PhD students, and Master’s degree students. Continuously held Journal Clubs, workshops and teaching within the topics of epidemiological research and qualitative research methods.

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