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Revue Eric

Lariboisière Hospital, France


Title: New technologies in the emergency department
Revue Eric, MD, SFMU, EuSEM, IFEM
Lariboisière Hospital, France
Abstract: New technologies in the healthcare industry is a growing trend. World Health Organization’s (WHO) report ‘mHealth – New Horizons for Health Through Mobile Technologies’, suggest that new technologies have huge potential to transform the way healthcare provided in the world. In 1996, telemedicine was defined as the use of electronic information and communications technologies to provide and support healthcare when distance separates participants. Telemedicine offers a practical approach for patients to communicate with their doctors across distances, whether they are across the globe or on the other side of town. Telemedicine and new technologies (connected IT, Drones, Google® glasses, EKG gloves…) have a rapidly developing application of clinical medicine and in the Emergency Department, where medical information is transferred via the phone or Internet and other networks for the purpose of consulting, and sometimes remote medical procedures or examinations. While nurses and doctors are adopting mobile technology and its usefulness for out or in-hospital urgent situations, it is also important to consider some of the major underlying problems associated with its adoption. It is important to question the usage of mobile technology for the healthcare sector and the key barriers associated with it.
Audience Take Away:
  • What are the challenges for using new technologies in Emergency Medicine?
  • What are the feedbacks from experiences in Emergency Medicine?
  • What are the new tools and new technologies for nursing staff in the ED? In prehospital situations?
  • The main message of this lecture is not to be scared by the use of new technologies, as the evolution of new tools, app and devices are growing every month for the purpose of giving faster and better diagnosis and treatment to our patients. 


Dr. Revue is an Emergency Physician, co-head of the most busiest ED and prehospital EMS (SAMU) in Laribosière hospital of Paris. University Diploma of medical school of the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, Emergency Medicine in the SAMU of Paris. He is specialized in disaster medicine at Henri Mondor Hospital (SAMU 94), toxicology at Fernand Widal-Lariboisière Hospital. As an active member of different Societies of Emergency Medicine (SFMU EuSEM, IFEM) ,faculty member of management of ED (Bichat Claude Bernard, Paris) and IEDLI (BWH ,Boston ) he has been involved with the international development of emergency medicine for over 15 years.

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