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Tiina Arpola

Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Title: How to increase knowledge of available technology to support nurses everyday work
Tiina Arpola, M.Sc.Eng
Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Abstract: The social and health care sector is undergoing major changes. Efficiency is being sought, working methods are being modernized and technology is being used. Employees need to learn a lot of new knowledge use new equipment and take into account, for example, client / patient safety. At the same time digitalization play a major role in solving current societal challenges, such as aging of the population and development of wellbeing services. Supporting the well-being and independent living with new generations of social and care robots, health and well-being technology and gamification is a part of this development.
Savonia University of Applied Sciences vibrant research, development and innovation activities promote working life and regional development and renew the economic structure of the region. One of the focus areas of the Savonia is applied well-being technology that involves health sector, technology, design and business experts.
The focus points of Savonia’s Applied Wellbeing Technology are the use of health technology, gamification and computational intelligence in the development of new services and assessment of technologies. Savonia also offers usability testing focused on patients or client groups, assessment of new service or product ideas as well as planning of services by combining digital and traditional health care services.
Savonia develops and maintains training packages and introduces nursing staff and students to the latest technology. The training is intended to lower the threshold for the introduction and use of new technology and to facilitate the work of nursing staff. We also create simulation environments to virtual reality to offer more training time professionals.
Audience Take Away: 
  • Technology isn’t a monster
  • Ideas to usable technology should come from the everyday working life, from nurses to nurses
  • Be bold to test new things to get beautiful out comes
  • By providing different and new (sometimes even in development stage products and services) to healthcare sector, nurses get information how the use of technology can support their work, increase customer service, get new ideas how to develop their work
  • By implementing technology in to basic training, you’ll get basic information how the future working life is developing
  • Possibilities of gamification and wellbeing robotics in education and nursing


Tiina Arpola M.Sc. (Tech.) is a RDI-advisor at Savonia University of Applied Sciences in the field of Social, Health care and Cultural education. She is also experienced organizer for workshops and Game Jams. She has understanding about measured data, big data, open data, crowdsourcing, AI and applications using all this information and how gamification and creative sector makes data more valuable.

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