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Hanna-Mari Nevala

Savonia University of Applies Sciences, Finland


Title: Educating future nurses
Hanna-Mari Nevala, BPhty
Savonia University of Applies Sciences, Finland
Abstract: Savonia University of Applied Sciences has selected four areas of focus for education and research, development and innovation (RDI). Each focus has a respective leading edge in RDI. Research is undertaken in collaboration with enterprises and other organizations. Savonia University of Applied Sciences brings in perspectives to market, innovation potential of customers and end-users, national and international development of the sector, and the latest research knowledge. One of the focus areas is applied health and wellbeing technology and its main goal is to promote social- and health care students’ knowledge in modern health technology and encourage students to use and apply different technology in the patient care after they graduate.
VireTori is one of the learning environments at Savonia University of Applied Sciences. VireTori offers for physiotherapy and nursing students an entrepreneurial environment where students can develop their own business ideas, run their own social and health care practice and learn other important entrepreneurship skills for example marketing, cost awareness and multidisciplinary cooperating. It’s a place for personal growth and allows students to take responsibilities and gain professional self-esteem. Savonia values highly multidisciplinary cooperation between students, lectures, R&D specialists and employers. VireTori learning environment is a platform for cooperation. There students from different fields of studies are practicing and developing new health care services and technologies.
VireToris R&D specialists and students are helping health technology companies to develop their solutions. We are testing apps, other software and health games and give feedback to companies. Most of the times companies doesn’t have social and health care knowledge and they might not know what kind of patients they are developing their solution. Students can use and enhance their professional skills and knowledge while doing for example customer segmentation and/or crating content to apps and games. It’s important to Savonia that its students get familiar with health technologies and get to apply different solutions in the use of health care.
Audience Take Away: 
  • How universities are educating nursing students nowadays
  • What is the level of knowledge in health technology in Finnish nursing students
  • What kind of knowledge and competences are expected of new employees in the use of health technology
  • Audience will learn how Savonia University of Applied Science is teaching the use of health technology to nursing students. They will get to know Savonias’ unique learning environment, VireTori, and how technology is part of the health promotion work students are doing in VireTori. Audience will also have a glance to what is the future plan in Savonia to prepare students for the future on nursing.


Hanna Nevala BPhty, is coordinator at Savonia University of Applied Sciences in the field of Social, Health care and Cultural education. She has worked 3 years with social- and healthcare students in one of the Slavonia’s learning environments, VireTori, to mentor students in their entrepreneurial and health technology skills. She has also experience in developing apps for health care in her own company.

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