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Susan Berry Cann

St Elizabeth’s Medical Center, USA


Title: Improving Self-Management of Type 2 Diabetes Through Text Messages
Susan Berry Cann DNP, ANP-BC, CDE 
Description: Optimal self-management of Type 2 diabetes can significantly reduce the risk of complications, however nearly half of patients may not be performing these behaviors on a daily basis. Results of a systematic review revealed that text message programs can cue self-management behavior and improve diabetes control. Local Problem: The setting for a quality improvement project was a hospital based endocrinology clinic with a population of patients with type 2 diabetes in suboptimal control. The purpose of project was to engage patients in a text messaging program to support day to day self-management and ultimately to improve glycemic control. Intervention: The project involved patients enrolling in the Care4LifeTM texting program offered through the American Diabetes Association’s Living with Type 2 Diabetes program. This program is designed to improve self-management behavior through patient selected text message reminders for blood glucose checking and taking medication. In addition, there is delivery of general educational messages related to such topics as nutrition and exercise.  A self-management survey based on the American Association of Diabetes Educator’s Diabetes Self-Management Assessment Report Tool (D-SMARTTM) was given prior to enrollment and repeated at the three month follow up visit. Glycemic control was analyzed using pre and post A1C levels as well as self-reported blood glucose trends.  Results:  Eleven patients enrolled in the texting program.  The group average A1C decreased from 8.69% to 7.65% with seven of eleven having a decrease of 0.5 percent or greater. Self-reported glucose trends decreased by  at least 30 mg per deciliter. Greater than 50% of patients had increases in self-management scores with a range of five to 38% improvement. Those with the lowest self-management scores before using the program had the highest percent improvement. The most significant increase was seen in the area of self-monitoring of blood glucose with six out of eight increasing by 100 percent. Overall patients were satisfied with the program with 90% reporting it helped them manage their diabetes. 
  • The audience will be informed of the statistics on diabetes control and self-management behavior. 
  • The audience will be presented with a feasible option to offer patients to help them manage their diabetes at home
  • The audience could duplicate this quality improvement project in their clinical settings.


Susan Berry Cann, DNP  is an adult nurse practitioner at St Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston, Ma, USA.  She is also a certified diabetes educator and has cared for people with diabetes for almost 20 years. Her patient population is varied and include those with diabetes Type 1, Type 2, diabetes in pregnancy , and diabetes management during cancer treatment. Her interests include using technology to help people manage their diabetes – namely,  through the use of  insulin pumps,  glucose sensors and cell phone apps.  This poster is a representation of a Capstone project done through the University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA.  

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