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Zhenhua SANG

Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital, China


Title: Optimization of mathematical model design for surgical scheduling in surgical management

Zhenhua SANG, Jingyi LIANG, Shengnan KE, Yan FENG
Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital, China

Abstract: Many studies have achieved relatively results in terms of surgical scheduling. Dutch’s scholars have proposed a practical surgical scheduling method for Master Surgical Scheduling based on the production scheduling method, using a recurring schedule to determine the hospital's available operating room, related the status of the resource, such as the type and number , the opening hours , and the priority department or doctor corresponding to the operating time of the operating room. Pham compared the surgical scheduling problem with the scheduling problem of the production workshop based on which a mixed math programming model was constructed to solve the surgical scheduling problem. Cardoen used the patient's waiting time, timeout time and the cost of surgery was minimized as the target, and a multi-objective programming model was established to study the surgical scheduling problem. Heydari considered the emergency surgery, established the corresponding mathematical model and proposed the stability of the scheduling scheme. This paper describe to analysis the database of surgical durations based on historical data, combination the constraints according to the surgical management norms and rules, and establishes a mathematical programming model for the surgical scheduling through the analysis of the data, which is used to automatically match the surgery for the operation and arrange the start time of each operation for optimization.The formula is:
This model can be used to replace the original manual scheduling job, including manual pre-scheduling and current scheduling adjustment. The optimized surgical schedule can balance the using time of each operation and achieve the purpose of improving the utilization rate of the operating room.


Zhenhua SANG has completed his Master degree from Beijin University of Technology, CHINA,After that he got Master degree of Engineering from Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (CNAM), at Sep.2010 in Paris, France. He is the chief of software develop department, at Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital, China, in charge of manage engineer team. He has more than 10 publications that have been cited, and he has several research projects mainly at hospital intelligence system, build math model to optimize processes.

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